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Pain Management

Christian Drug Free Pain Management in Willowbrook, IL

Curing an addiction requires much expertise and a heavy amount of devotion .There is no escaping the complications which a body goes through while attempting to wean off of an addiction. The withdrawals are probably what frighten patients the most because of their potentially violent nature and the pain associated with them. Patients fear looking like animals as they are healing so they shy away from the process as a whole. We assure all patients, this withdrawal process is not only normal, but it is necessary. It is how your body will stop needing the substance for its function and you can truly feel free from addiction. At Christian Drug Detox Helpline  in Willowbrook, IL Our seasoned staff of therapists, counselors and support nurses has seen this time and time again and we can assure all patients a tolerable transitory detox. The detoxification will be medically-assisted to prevent any internal problems as the body makes its own adjustments.

Prescription pain medications are not wholly harmful; however they become so when abused. This may seem obvious but what is less obvious is how easy it is to abuse a prescription pain medication without meaning to and end up causing serious addiction which will cause more pain than the pain medication will be able to numb. The prescribed dosage of medication is a very strict dosage. The measurement is precise and based on key factors of the body of the patient. When these dosage amounts are not adhered to, the body and mind find ways to adapt. As this adaptation occurs, tolerance is built and the person will become less and less aware of the danger. This is why when people feel like medicines are not giving them the effect they want, they take more until they achieve the desired effect. This behavior is always prone to addiction.

We want our patients to understand what is happening in their body to cause these complications. Withdrawals are absolutely essentials parts of most addiction detoxification and rehabilitation programs. The more we remove the body’s dependence on a substance, the freer the body becomes and the more the body will reject our efforts. This is why mitigating pain and having a controlled, comforting environment, helpful therapists and counselors as well as some medical assistance is so crucial to the process. However, withdrawals are only temporary and with effort, as well as devotion to the cause of rehabilitation, these withdrawals will die off.

We will not let addiction take over your life or your loved one’s life. The road to recovery has some difficulty, but our expert care, devotion and the patient’s desire to heal will allow as all to reach the end. Call (630) 524-2021 for Christian Drug Detox Helpline in Willowbrook, IL and begin the process today. It only takes one call to save a live for good!